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PI DATA. research consult

Company Information

  • Company Name: PI DATA. research consult
  • City/Province: Achimota
  • Country: Ghana
  • International Area Code: 233
  • Phone: 233 24 4987835
  • Email:
  • Category Activities: PI DATA is a consortium of researchers with a mission of making practical and unbiased information available to our valued clients. At PI DATA our values are HIGH ie .HARDWORK.INTEGRITY.GOAL oriented.HUMILITY. We are engaged in research activities including: 1. Marketing research (making known all about your valued consumers) 2. Social research (examining the cognitive, affective and behavioural component of people as regarding issues in society) and 3. Academic research work/ Student Services (focused at assisting during dissertation and thesis writing). Our services features comprise: 1. Analytical Consultancy services pertaining to the research of interest. 2. Designing and conducting customized research work, including surveys. 3. Designing and constructing standardized questionnaires. 4.Data analysis and interpretation. at PI DATA we make research work very easy...

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