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Galaxy Exports International

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  • Company Name: Galaxy Exports International
  • City/Province: Tema
  • Country: Ghana
  • Address: La Palmeraie
  • International Area Code: 233
  • Phone: 0033-4-89200415 (+233-0033-4-89200415)
  • Fax: 0033-8-26076314 (+233-0033-8-26076314)
  • Email:
  • Category Activities: Galaxy Exports International (G.E.I) is an established and an internationally recognized name in Global Business and Bilateral Trade.G.E.I was founded in 1993 and is promoted by a group of very private highly educated, experienced, and internationally acknowledged technocrats in Manufacturing, Imports, Exports, International trade, Third country trade, International Brokering and Consulting.G.E.I has its operational bases in France, India,Ghana, and Kuwait, and handles small Medium and large volume business for its varied Global clients, catering to their varied needs and requirements.MANUFACTURINGG.E.I production units handle manufacturing of handicrafts, wooden home furniture, Antique Replica of wooden furniture, wooden crafts, original tribal arts, crafts in wrought iron, gifts, hand made home decor, furnishings (bed covers, bed sheets, cushions covers, pillows, wall hangings and others),Leather wallets, purses, garments, Most of our own units and partnering production units are in India and our products are fully hand made. We employ no child labour during production process and our experienced dedicated staff is a part of our larger G.E.I Family that motivates and strengthens our Global operations.G.E.I also partners with other manufacturers in France, India, China, and others for several other products that have already found good acceptance in various countries.IMPORTSG.E.I is an importer in France and India, and imports from several countries varied products for its own use or for and on behalf of its local clients.EXPORTSG.E.I and its production units in India undertake small and medium sized exports of its own In-House manufactured products to its international clients mainly.G.E.I in India also undertakes sourcing and merchant exporting to its clients and has a full fledged sourcing cum buying agency in New Delhi-India to source, develop, inspect, coordinate and procure varied merchandize contracted for by our various international clients on a case to case basis.G.E.I in France also does handle sourcing, buying and inspecting of merchandize from France, European Union, Eastern Europe and African countries on a case to case basis.INTERNATIONAL TRADEG.E.I is a well respected name in international trade of commodities like Fish, Sea Food, Poultry, Meat, Lamb, Rice, Chemicals, Rice, Ready to eat foods and Commodities.G.E.I is an Authorized Mandate holder for several manufacturing, processing, packing and exporting companies of the above, who are based in France,Argentina,Brazil,India,China,Vietnam,Mauritania,Morroco,Chile,Kuwait,U.A.E, Iran, Turkey and others.THIRD COUNTRY TRADEG.E.I directly represents several Fishing companies, Meat, Lamb, Goat Farms/packing units and has allocated quotas and priority in selling their catch/goods globally or in authorized regions on short or long term contract basis.INTERNATIONAL BROKERINGG.E.I undertakes International Brokering in large volume business, commodities, contracts, and is very strongly networked globally to deliver to its clients along with its international trade partners/associates.CONSULTINGG.E.I due to its vast global network in several business areas also provides professional consulting services to small upstart companies for development of new product lines, product orientations, pre-launch product testing, projects, market survey, market intelligence, liaison services, business expansion, marketing services on a case to case basis.OUR CORPORATE STATUSG.E.I is the parent holding company and has direct or indirect Investments, equity participation, shareholding, joint venture, in several of our groups unitsAnd is a part of the C.E.G FOUNDATION.All our units and staff work in a Harmonious Synergy to cater to Clients.OUR CORPORATE STRENGTHKnowledge and respect of multicultural International Business and trade environments, Integrity, dedication, devotion, commitment, adaptability, flexibility, and holistic social human values in all aspects of Commerce and life.Our team of experts comprises professionals of different nationalities, who are well acquainted with International Business Practices, and are able to pool in their knowledge to deliver to Clients varied needs. CORPORATE PHILOSOPHY“Creative Evolution is Fundamental to Human Life and also to Global Business and Trade.”INFORMATION AND OUR CONTACTSFor bonafide buying enquiry /requirements /information you can contact us in our Groups Centralized Office in France-European Union, where our team of professional experts would be able to assist you in your business.Companies wanting to register with us as an associated supplier in our data banks may kindly send us full technical details of their products freely, since we do receive many new enquiries through our agents/representatives based in various countries.Galaxy Exports International,Centralized Head OfficeLa Palmeraie, 415 Avenue De La Marne.Saint Raphael.VAR-French Riviera.Postal Code: 83700.France – European Union.Tel: 0033-4-89200415 (International), 0033-(0)4-94950415 (National).Fax: 0033-8-26076314, 0033-8-25141360.Mobile/Portable: 0033-(0)6-20651215.E-Mail: Company Registration Nos: 055 920 672 62.Annual Group Turnover: 50 + million EurosBankers: BNP Paribas, ICICI Bank, Development and Credit Bank Ltd,Corporation Bank.

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